Research is to see what everybody else has seen, but to think what nobody else has thought. And that's what we are all about!

On Taste & See TV, we show you the Bible lands and bring the people and accounts to life with unique research and humorous perspectives. So join us and See the Land with Drink in Hand!


What is Taste & See TV?

It's a virtual way to travel the Bible Lands.

We use known historical facts to build a context around Bible accounts. We then develop a story and perspective that is unique and designed to help you jump into your own research on the topic. We include the historical debates, unknowns and humor in this show for all ages and backgrounds. You can also add great visuals to your Bible reading, as the backdrop for each episode features the location the account took place.

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  • Over 100 episodes from Israel, Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, Crete, Malta, Sicily, Greece and Rome!

  • Many episodes have subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

  • A new release every three weeks

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20: Jordan River, Israel - It's Not About Naaman

35: Kourion, Cyprus - Whole Lotta Shaking

48: Troas & Assos, Turkiye - Now Can We Eat?

78: Jerusalem, Israel - Church Of Close Enough

89: St Paul's Bay, Malta - The Inflammation Situation 

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"This got me crying. And the behind the scenes was very funny... Top top work. Thank you!"


"Thanks for making a show that helps some of us think deeper and broader and also reach those who already think deeply"



"Wow! This episode [#20] was fantastic; so interesting! I got goose bumps during the big reveal ...I love all the episodes, but this one is extraordinary."


"My husband is not a Bible fan... BUT!!! Your episodes are literally his version of Bible reading. We all enjoy that you keep it balanced and neutral, just as a kick off to deeper study. Not even to mention how deeply I appreciate the respect of copyright!"



"I always thought it would be great to have a program like yours. When a sister told me about your live programs I watched and got hooked! I admire and envy the research you do. It helps me explain Bible geography and history to my grandchildren. Thank you for this!"



"Your show has added so much pleasure and benefit to, not only Bible study, but to life's journey itself. Thank you for being your adorable selves."



"From the opening music to the end credits, you put a smile on my face, humor in my heart and knowledge in my brain!"



"I really like your take on the subject at hand.  Helps me to think and come to my own conclusions of these wonderful stories derived from the Bible.  I am also a subscriber, and I am enjoying all of the episodes that you take us through.  Thank you so much."



"Thank you for all the time you put into researching the material, how you make it live and present it in such a very interesting way.  We just love your episodes...still have many to see yet. Afterwards we spent over an hour continuing to research and understand more about this incidence!"

William & Ena


"I cannot say thank you enough for your last two episodes... Thanks again and please keep it up, it is not only entertaining but so enlightening and faith strengthening in this very unusual historical period that we have the privilege to be  experiencing."


South Africa

"It's my favorite discovery of the last few months. I love the feel, the quirkiness, the fascinating research and the feeling that I'm hanging out in all of these places. Getting to "walk" around these locations adds extra realism to Bible accounts. Plus there is so much to share about the modern culture, food and people."



"Wow... I think you are getting better and better. All the programs are so informative. I am learning so much. Bible reading has become more visual ...you are really going above and beyond just to give us the experience. Love the subscription, able to watch over and over (and we do)."



"When the pandemic started I had suddenly a lot of time and was unable to get out and about. The David and Des became a positive influence as I started following their live shows and Taste & See TV. [My wife] and I watch each episode. You are doing a sterling job entertaining us!"



"I can't begin to tell you how enthralling, informative and fun it was [The Wanderings] ...the logical & reasonable way you explained this journey has made me excited to re-read these accounts."



"We just watched The wanderings and wanted to thank you for all the research & time you took to show us the maybe travels of the Israelites in the Wilderness. It was very logical and made sense."



"[Wanderings] has to be your best work ever! Everything was spot on...Some of this brought tears to my eyes, how eloquently expressed...Every episode is a treat. It's gotta be good if I'm left thinking 'Aww it's over already' at the end"



"As always, we love your shows. They always give us something to talk about and it makes for some fun, interesting conversations...usually for days afterwards!"


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