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Season 1: Israel (Premiered July 2020)

01: Mount Carmel - A Fire Roasted Druzel of Carmel

We kick off the TV series the same way we kicked off our Instagram Live TV series... on Mount Carmel. But this time we have more visuals of Mount Carmel and a sample of the food and people you can expect to enjoy when you visit the mountain. In this one we also have fun picturing Elijah and the Israelites that came to Mt Carmel to watch the Fire Test between Jehovah and Baal...but which Baal? There's a lot to learn and laugh at in this one!

02: Jerusalem - Huldah Onto Your Traditions

Our first, but certainly not our last episode in Jerusalem. This historic city is at the center of the crossroads between traditionalism and modernism. So we start by jumping into a largely traditional person...the prophetess Huldah and her husband Shallum. Very little is know about them from the Bible, so we have fun with the Jewish traditions that revolve around these two and how their reputation of hospitality has continued in Jerusalem today.

03: Capernaum - Synagogues and Fishing Monologue

It's Capernaum! We have visited this site so many times and there are so many things we could talk about. But we thought we would stick to the basics with an overview of some of the finds and visuals from the area. Then, just like Jesus, we cross to "the other side" to get ourselves something to eat in the modern Golan Heights.

04: Tube Hostel - We Are In For A Bleating

It's sheep verses goats in this episode geared for kids. In our typical style, we don't worry about deep parallels or prophetic types...we just talk about what makes them similar and also different. All in a way that will help you see why they were such good illustrations and representations for types of people.

05: Be'er Sheva - Well Of A Tel

We are at the ruins of Tel Be'er Sheva, and while you would think we are talking about Abraham, that's just the beginning. This one focuses on King Jehoshaphat and all the great work and time he spent in this city. And when we finish with the ruins, we head to a great hidden gem to catch a sunset and spend the night.

06: Hippos Susita - Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hippos means horse! But it also means we are talking about pigs. Confused yet? We are in the Decapolis city talking about the time Jesus helped a man riddled with a Legion and try and bust a popular misconception about pigs. Then we head to the Golan for a great bite to eat and a chat with a local restaurant owner.

07: Ein Harod & Hill of Moreh - Heads Up! It's Gideon

It's time for a visual from the area where Gideon camped with his men, along the springs at the base of Mount Gilboa. We have a lot of fun with the account and getting inside the head of Gideon, who had a very long and frustrating day.

08: Mt Gilboa - Endor-ing Story Of Saul

The first king of Israel's last day. It was a busy and tragic one. We tie this one together with the previous episode about Gideon by going from Mount Gilboa to the skies above the valley. We head up in a hot air balloon to help you visualize the Jezreel Valley between Mount Moreh and Mount Gilboa.

09: Hezekiah's Tunnel - Give A Cake, Save A Life

We are in Jerusalem and this one is all about Hezekiah! One of the best known kings of Israel. We walk you through the tunnel he had built to bring the waters of the Gihon to the pool of Siloam. Then we sit in his administration center to discuss the amazing fig and why Jehovah may have directed it be used to heal him.

10: Timna Park - Blood Sweat & Volun-tears

When we think of the tabernacle, we tend to focus only on the items within it, and not the many people who volunteered their time and energy to put it all together. So that's what we do this week as we take you from the Tabernacle replica in Timna Park and then to Red Canyon for some quiet relaxation.

​11: Banias - Naturally Doubtful

We are in Banias, or as it is known to Bible readers, Caesarea Philippi. This week we show you the beautiful nature reserves of the north and talk about the scribes of the 1st Century and their attempts to sow doubt in the disciples thinking.

12: Timna Park & Eilat - Wisdom Is Not Annenome

The Bible says that wisdom is precious as corals...so we talk this week about a couple of Kings who didn't always guard this treasure...then we go swimming in the Red Sea coral reef on the shores of Eilat.

13: Khirbet Qana - Cana Have Another Glass

We are in Cana, but not the traditional site with all the churches. We make the hike in north of the Netofa Valley to show you the real Cana. And then talk about Jesus first miracle and, of course, wine, as we head north to Dalton, the home of some great wineries.

14: Maresha - Asa-mashing Good Idea

It's King Asa this week! We pick up the account midway through his reign from his arrival at Maresha until his death. After his initial cleanse of the land from idolatry he found himself at Maresha facing some crazy odds. After taking you around the Greek era Maresha, we jump to the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem and then back again.

15: Yafo - Get To The Joppa

We head to the old city of Yafo this week. Where, among the city scape we talk about what might have happened at the start of the Jewish-Roman revolt of 65/66CE.

16: Qeiyafa - Archeology & The Bible

This is our Live On Location program. We cut some stuff and add some others, so you'll still get a different experience as we take you through the thinking of archeologists as they excavate and debate. This episode is meant to help you get a crash course in the role of the excavations and the role of the Bible when it comes to archeology. And why the slow approach is always the best approach.

17: Haifa - Season 1 Recap

It's a clip show! We finish off Season 1 with a look back at some of the clips we cut and insight into some of the research.

Season 2: Israel (Premiered January 2021)

18: Tel es-Safi - Pain In The Gath

We are at the ruins of Tel es-Safi, or as it is known in the Bible...Gath! The hometown of Goliath. But we aren't talking about him, we are recounting the time the Philistines took the Ark of the Covenant and the very painful results.

19: Mt Tabor - Making Up With Sisera (...and Map Episode)

This week we take you throughout the Jezreel Valley with the many geographic changes to the Barak and Sisera account. We then finish at Mount Tabor, the site of the epic battle that saw Jehovah use the natural forces to secure a win for Israel.

20: Jordan River - It's Not About Naaman

This week we are taking you to various stops along the Jordan River, north and south of the Galilee. And we talk about Na'aman and the time he took a bath. But don't worry, the episode is not about Na'aman...so who is it about? You will have to wait till the end to find out!

21: Jerusalem - Trouble Brewing

It's the Beer episode! We take you through the Mehane Yehuda market in Jerusalem at night and talk about the three times in the Bible that beer is mentioned. There is a pattern...and there is a reason...and is an entertaining time to be had when there is Trouble Brewing

22: Mamshit/Moa - Camel Riding Myrrh-Maids

We are in the desert talking about a few of the groups over history who developed the incense and spice routes and how it shaped Israel through the centuries.

23: Ein Avedat / Mt Hor - Deserted But Not Forgotten (and Map Episode)

We take you through the Wilderness of Zin in this one, retracing the steps of the Israelites during the Exodus. Among them, the stop where the nation said farewell to their High Preist Aaron.

24: Bethsaida/Arbel - How The Gang Got Together

How did Jesus meet the group that would become the 12 Apostles? Well we have fun and jokes in store as we take you from Bethsaida to around the lake and up Mount Arbel to view the area that pictured in the lives of these men.

25: Jerusalem - Pilate-ing A Disaster (and Map Episode)

We take you around Jerusalem to the various areas that Jesus was taken on the day of his death. And we do so by jumping into the minds of Pontus Pilate and Caiaphas, among others.

26: Haifa - Jews Your Ingredients

It's that time of year! Passover and the Memorial of Jesus death. And so we try our hand at a cooking show to bring you some recipes with the ingredients of the Passover meal, and of course, some wine.

27: Geshur - When The Moon Hit's Your Eye

For those who enjoy researching ancient religions, we have a ton of jokes and fun as we simplify how these ancient cults came about. It is simple and fun and you wont need a note pad to remember it all, just maybe a big pizza pie...

28: Mt Hermon / Hula Valley - Hermon Does The Hula

You could also call this one the Transfiguration and Bird Migrations. We show you the snow capped Mount Hermon and then where the run off goes, to the streams of the Jordan River and into the Hula Valley, Israel's first nature preserve.

29: Hazor - Mostly Armless

We take you from the Israel-Lebanon boarder near the Biblical Waters of Merom, down to Tel Hazor as we talk about war. Why did it seem like the Israelites were often outmatched in war, but how did their attack patterns actually give them the edge. We jump in and talk about a weapon that was mostly 'armless.

30: Ein Gedi & Ein Arugot - Ein No Valley Low Enough

We are going through the Dead Sea wilderness to show you some of the great little hiking trails and water holes to cool down in on a hot spring day. And talking about the time King Saul got a little "relief" right in front of David and his men.

31: D'Or & Shikmona - Shellfish Ambition

We are heading along the coast to show you some beautiful blue water and sky along the Mediterranean Sea. We jump in and talk about two ways the Canaanites influenced not only the Israelites, but also us today. And we even flash back to Episode 2 with some extra details about Huldah.

32: Mt Carmel - Season 2 Recap

It's a clip show! We finish off Season 2 with a look back at some of the clips we cut and insight into some of the research.

Season 3: Cyprus & Israel (Premiered July 2021)

33: Haifa & Kittion - Here's Shipping At You, Kit

We keep up the crash course in all things Canaanite with an episode about their world renowned ship building skills. And it wouldn't be a complete episode about the extent of the ships of Kittim without taking you to Kittion, Cyprus!

34: Amathus & Tomassos - The Mighty Flighty Aphrodite

We pick up where the mood god episode left off, exploring how natural phenomenon got explained through the gods and goddesses of Cyprus. And how do we know that fertility goddesses weren't always about lewd ambition.

35: Kourion - Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

One of the best preserved sites in Cyprus, this was a hub of competition and rivalry, until the whole place got quite shook up. We contrast the Roman Cypriot culture with the Christian Cypriot culture seen through our favorite half-Cypriot: John-Mark

36: Paphos - Is THIS Your Card?

Get the note pad out for this one! We are jumping deep into Jewish history and tradition as we take a fun look at the showdown before the Proconsul Sergius Paulus between Paul and Bar-Jesus.

37: Choirokoitia & Akamas - Short People Got No Reason

Perhaps the earliest settlement on the island is shrouded in mystery, or is it? It gives us an interesting look into early life in Cyprus, then we head through the wonderous nature of the island to leave no doubt why people loved this place.

38: Nicosia & Limassol - A Tale Of Two Countries

For forty years this Island has been torn in two by conflict between Greek and Turkish factions. We take a look at how it has shaped the modern country and culture. And then see how it compares to the culture of the Biblical Cypriots like Mnason.

39: The Troodos Mountains - Stepping Into Somewhere

We had so much to see and film in Cyprus that we added an extra episode. Going through the small villages of the Troodos mountain range reminded us of the great love and hospitality shown by the brothers who sailed from Cyprus to Antioch in the 1st Century. An act which kicked off a whole series of events.

40: Salamis - Barnabas, Me & Mark Makes Three

It was the launching pad for Paul's first missionary tour and so is a great place to take a look back at his time with Barnabas. And reflect on how that first trip would have gone and all the qualities Paul would have learned in his time with him his friend.


41: Zorah & Ashkelon - Long Suffering Patience

We are back in Israel and take you from the Biblical cities of Zorah, Timnah and Ashkelon as we talk about the father who needed strong patience and faith in dealing, Manoah.

42: Caesarea - Getting Your Phil

It's our Live On Location only it's not. We focus on a man all about the ministry, Philip, and how his assignments went from regrettable to unforgettable.

43: Nazareth - Na-na-na Naaa, Hey Jude

What was it like to be the little brother or sister of Jesus? What would some of the challenges be in not making comparisons as a parent? This will be an episode than many will find relatable as we delve into the early life of Jesus' siblings.

44: Negev Desert - Wandering Where to Go (Part 1)

When looking at a map of the Israelites 38 years of wandering, you see a lot of question marks. Largely because archeologists are looking in the wrong time period and for ruins and cities. But what if Moses was just describing the route to us? Will it take us on a logical path though the wilderness? Will we end up in the right places at the right time? Buckle up, it's time to jump down the rabbit hole!

45: Negev Desert - Wandering Where to Go (Part 2)

You don't rewrite history in a 30 minute episode. Meaning we split this hour and a half adventure up into two amazing 45 minute segments. While our route and map are largely speculative...by the end of the rabbit hole, you may just be convinced!

46: Tel Dan - How Now Holy Cow?

Why would King Jeroboam choose the city of Dan as the home of his golden calf? What has archeology taught us about the Danites? It's a spin off of our original Live On Location that will give you some great visuals of one of our favorite places in Israel.

47: Title Coming Soon

Synopsys coming soon.

A jump inside the head of Israel's high priest the day that a woman named Hannah came to the tabernacle...and how things would never be the same.

48: Israel - The Church of Close Enough

There are so many "traditional" sites in Israel, and usually with a church built atop them. And while the tourists flock to them, should you spend your time there? Or is there a better place to visit?

49: Title Coming Soon

Synopsys coming soon.

50: The Episode 50 Spectacular!

Synopsys coming soon.

International (Premiered July 2021)

INT01: Bangkok, Thailand - Thai-ing It All Together

Join Minna through the city of Bangkok Thailand. This introduction to Thai food and culture shows how this resilient people adapted to the centuries of war and cultural attacks. Coming out in the end, with flavors that Thai it all together.

See more of Minna's work on Instagram: www.instagram.com/enjoythaiventures

INT02: Tuliara, Madagascar - The Malagasy Fight

Join Justine and her husband Rodo as they introduce you to the beautiful and unique island of Madagascar, starting with their hometown: Toliara. You'll probably want the English closed captioning turned on, unless you are ready to practice your French.

See more of Rodo and Justine on their Instagram: www.instagram.com/guevaradimby

INT03: Florida, USA - How I Met Your Manatee

Bethany takes you to the side of Florida often unseen, the side without Mickey Mouse. Join her in the Florida Wildlife Corridor and learn about some of the residents of these wetlands. Then we finish by cooling off at a great local watering hole.

INT04: Isalo Park, Madagascar - You Might Say I'm A Lemur...

Isalo is a must see for any visitor to Madagascar. With scenic views, exotic plants and wildlife and locals hoping to get rich mining for gemstones. Justine and Rodo will help you explore it in entertaining fashion.

INT05: Raymond Island, Australia - Drop On In Mate!

The best way to explore the great Down Under is to join Anjuli. She will introduce you to some of Australia's most iconic animals in a fun and entertaining way. (In Development)

See more on her Instagram: www.instagram.com/koala_walkabout_tours

INT06: Thailand - Unnamed

(In Development)

Season 4: Turkey (Planned February 2022)

Finished Scripts

52: Troas & Assos - A Man Of [Not So] Few Words

How would you feel if you actually bored someone to death. Let's jump into Paul's head as we go from Troas to Assos.

53: Laodicea & Colossae - Timing Is Of The Essence

On this one we will take an angle you won't see coming. We won't even give spoilers, let's just say, this is already one of our favorite scripts.

54: Tarsus - Saul & The Family Stone

The title is pending, ideas are welcome. Basically, we are getting into the heads of Paul's relatives before he converted to Christianity, good old crazy murderous uncle Paul.

55: Hierapolis & Pamukkale - No Title Yet

In this tourist hot spot, we examine some spurious traditions about this city mentioned only once in the Bible.

57: Antalya & Perga - We Missed The Mark

It was the entrance to Asia on the first missionary tour, and the exit point after a long rough trip. At Salamis we considered why Barnabas would have defended Mark, now, let's jump into Paul's perspective.

58: Ankara - The Galatian Situation Implication

For hundreds of years the question of "who were the Galatians?" was simple. But scholars of the last 50 years have produced a great debate. As we take you around this modern capital of Turkey, we discuss the debate on whether this ancient capital of Galatia was the focus of Paul's letter, or if it was somewhere else, and why nobody actually has the answer!

59: Rize - A Black Sea of Tea

It's Biblical Pontus! It was the home of Aquila, but we only talk about why he probably never returned here. But we do consider another notable person who likely visited.

60: Ephesus - Back To Basics

We take a jump back to when the congregation received their letter in Revelation and a walk down memory lane on all the hospitality and love they had previously shown.

62: Pergamum - White Rock Talk

We take a jump into what this 1st Century congregation was dealing and why it was happening. We look at the events of Roman history and why this city was a specific hot spot.

63: Hattusa & Alacahoyuk - Hitting The Books

The Hittite Empire was no small player in history. Revised chronology shows us how powerful and influential their empire was, how they affected the Canaanites, and how they even affected Abraham!

64: Troy - Stop Horsing Around

One of the most legendary battles in history was in the category of myth for centuries...until they found the city. This created problems for the Egyptian Chronology which assumed it to be a myth. As such, the Battle for Troy now completely changes past understandings of the "Greek Dark Age" and the development of the Greek gods and goddesses. Get out the note pad and pen as we explain how archeology set chronology and how they got it wrong.

65: Sardis & Thyatira - The Gold Standard

Almost all tours skip Thyatira; although the ruins are small, they are important! And so we work them into the story of their neighbor Sardis.

66: Antakya & Seleucia - Just A Little Off The Top

It's Antioch of Syria and the hub of first century Christianity! But it was also the hub of heated debate, so we jump into the mind of a well known congregation elder when he was told to take a little off the top.

67: Antioch Pisidia, Konya & Lystra - You Can Always Come Home Again

Oh boy, this script came together beautifully. And as you jump with us into history, you'll perhaps never look at Timothy's younger years and his family the same way again!

68: Izmir (Smyrna) - Into The Weeds

As John, the last apostle died, how did his friends fight to preserve Biblical truth and what do we have to thank them for today?

69: Go Turkey! - Recap

The plan for this is a behind the scenes look as we travel the country and film. So you can learn what to do and what not to do when you visit. And also gain an inside look on the research.

"I have a love/hate relationship with Bible tours, as I certainly enjoy learning new things about Bible lands, but I also cherish those eureka moments when you discover a little historic connection yourself. In this way [it] struck an excellent balance – you showed us things, told us things, but largely let us make connections and didn’t tell us how to feel about what we had just heard. The length was great, the humor was great, your level of knowledge was reassuring, even the hints of irreverence were right on. Above all the storytelling was excellent, which is necessary to truly bring blocks of stone alive. Best Bible tour I’ve done, hands down."

- Kyle (Australia)