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Taste & See TV is a blend of everything we love: deep Bible research, travel, story telling, culture and food.  So we always try and make sure you are firstly entertained and engaged and feel like you are here with us! And if you learn something... even better!  We both grew up in Canada, where we were married, and have returned home to Israel over three years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people work for you?

It's basically just us, David and Desiree. We are a husband wife team that puts together the research, filming, editing, publishing and marketing. It's a lot of work, but you are worth it! From time to time, we invite other friends to join in the script building and research. Also if we require something specific, like a 3D model, then we use friends who have these skills.

What religion are you?

Because we talk about the Bible, it is a natural question to ask. Both of us are Jehovah's Witnesses in Israel. David is also from a Jewish family and background. However, our goal with our programs is simply to make this amazing history come alive with great visuals and fun humor. This is why we work hard to keep things like doctrine and application out of the programs.

What do you use as a basis for research?

It is episode specific. One thing we always remember, is that most research tools are copyrighted. And so to only use a single publisher as a source could be viewed as theft and misuse of protected material. So for every program, the Bible is the foundation (under fair use laws), then we use multiple sources specific to the topic. If we are researching animals...then we go to biologists. If we are researching the Hittites, we go to Hititologists, and so on. In cases where a single source is the basis for the episode, you will find this in the episode credits.

How is your research always so different from what I've read?

We try to encourage our viewers to learn the difference between Historical Fact and Historical Speculation. When we research, we look for words like "perhaps" or "it could be" within articles and then ask ourselves, "so then, what ELSE could it be?", as a phrase like that indicates speculation. This also helps us to know we are not edging on teaching doctrine or theology. So then we can have fun looking into the different possibilities of questions that are impossible to have an answer for.

How do I sign up and how do I cancel?

To sign up, click JOIN in the header, then follow the prompts as you select the plan that is right for you. To cancel, once logged in, you can select SETTINGS & PASSWORD and there you will see an option to Change Your Plan. There you will see the option to Cancel.

I joined a tour that may be infringing on your programs.

What should I do?

Taste & See TV can only survive if we protect our creative content. However, it is not unreasonable to think that someone has a similar storyline or angle as us (or us to them!). While we are not overly concerned with people sharing our program material with others, we do like to ensure that proper credit is given to the source.

So if you think a clear infringement has been made, you can email us the name of the program and what the specific infringement is. Then we will be able to check it and see if it is just coincidence, or something more.

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